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First is the picture frame. Most couples select this kind of wedding favor, not only because this is practical and economical, but it can also be put into good use, unlike other wedding favors that cannot be really of good use to the guests after the wedding. Added to this is the fact that the couple can also select from a wide variety of designs and styles, materials and colors.Another common wedding favor are candles or candle holders. This tradition of giving wedding favors was observed or done a long time ago. It is observed in many cultures worldwide and has become a part in celebrating the wedding ceremony.Here are some of the most common wedding favors that are utilized by most couples to their guests on their wedding day.Today, with the advent of latest technology, the styles of wedding favors are getting more and more elegant and diverse, not to mention, that it is also sometimes in accordance with the wedding theme. These gifts, however, serve as a commemoration of the wedding by indicating the couples' name and the wedding date, in order for the guests to remember the couple's romantic day. Bridal Make up 新娘化妝 etude house it's skin whoo And if you can't find any accessories to push up the romance quotient don't worry about it wear that special look in your eyes that shines and says you are happy, that should do well enough.A wedding favor is a term that is used to refer to the small gifts that are given by the couple as a symbol or gesture of appreciation to the guests. This is a thank you for attending their wedding ceremony. Budget - Finally, the budget will determine exactly how you will or may not decorate your wedding. No point planning bouquets of imported flowers and swans and ice sculptures if you are on a low budget that doesn't permit you anything more than a priest! Despite the way you choose to decorate your wedding, do make sure that the ceremony location and the reception hall reflect what is after all intrinsic to the event ----- the lover's union. A Hawaiian beach party theme, a wild west theme or a Classical theme can turn any boring backyard into a partying hotspot.Romance, if not anything else ought to be one of the basic requisites of all weddings, however they are done up.On a second thought if your wedding is to be in an otherwise non-descript area (like say your backyard) you can concentrate on a certain specific theme (or idea) to create a special atmosphere. This will be what is called an idea wedding.